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Steel Structure Building, Container House Manufacturer

Shengbang is a dedicated supplier of steel frame construction products, specializing in design, manufacture and installation. Our main products are prefabricated steel buildings and container houses. The steel framed buildings include steel framed industrial buildings and commercial steel buildings, such as logistics centers, warehouses, stadiums, opera houses, residential buildings and temporary buildings. The wall body of steel container house may adopt EPS, polyurethane, and rock wool sandwich panels, which are all excellent in fire retardance, shock resistance, and thermal insulation. According to customers’ needs, we undertake all types of prefabricated steel structure projects, and provide personalized designs and OEM services. We are committed to providing easy-to-install, durable, environmentally friendly and stable steel framing systems.

    1. Steel Framed Warehouse

      The steel framed warehouse refers to the warehouse that has steel frames as the main load-bearing components. The components include steel columns, steel beams, steel base, steel roof truss, and steel roof tile. The steel wall can be replaced by a brick wall.

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    1. Steel Framed Workshop

      The steel framed workshop takes H section, C section and Z section steels as the main frame. The roof and wall are made of corrugated color steel plate or color steel sandwich panel. This kind of modular workshop is the third generation construction.

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    1. Steel Framed Aircraft Hanger

      It is constituted by steel and galvanized steel. According to different requirements on the span, the size and parts can be customized. We can also follow different cost and function, choosing different steel plate or sandwich panel as the material for the wall and roof.

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    1. Steel Framed Stable

      The span can either be single or multiple type. Without intermediate columns, the maximum span can be at a distance of 36 meters. This prefab horse barn has the advantage of being economical, and easy for quick construction.

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    1. Steel Framed Barn

      The farm storage building is the most common architecture in traditional agriculture. Long-term use of metal farm building can help to maintain a productive working environment. It has an economical and durable structure, providing large enough storage space.

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    1. Steel Framed Office

      The steel framed office appears more fashionable and stylish than common cement office buildings. The service life is 25 to 50 years. Customization is available for an exclusive style.

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