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Steel Framed Workshop

Application Case

Different Steel Plants
  • 12-span steel framed workshop
  • 13-span steel framed workshop
  • 15-span steel framed workshop
  • 16-span steel framed workshop
  • 25-span steel framed workshop
  • Multi-span steel framed workshop
Steel Structure Workshop Design
Two-Storey Steel Structure Workshop with Brick wall
Case Display
Volkswagen Plant
  • Material
  • Frame
  • Interior
  • Exterior
Congo Plant
Guangcheng (China) Plant
Romanian Plant
finished steel frame
Other Designs

1. Main load-bearing frame, 2. Roofing system(3 types), 3. Façade system(2 types), 4. Secondary frame, 5.Accessories

  • Crane Beam Workshop
  • Customized Steel Structure Workshop
  • Demountable Steel Structure Housing
  • High Quality Steel Structure Workshop
  • Large Span Steel Structure Workshop
  • Light Steel Structure Factory for Sale
  • Modular Steel Structure Workshop
  • Pre Engineering Steel Structure Building
  • Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop
  • Roller Shutter Door Workshop Steel Structure
  • Standard Steel Structure House
  • Steel Structure With Good Price
    Steel Structural Project Cost
  • Steel Structure Workshop Shed


The steel framed workshop takes H section, C section and Z section steels as the main frame. The roof and wall are made of corrugated color steel plate or color steel sandwich panel. This kind of modular workshop is the third generation construction. In developed countries, the traditional concrete buildings have been mostly replaced by the steel framed buildings.

1. The steel framed workshop has many excellent characteristics, such as light weight, large span, and stable structure.
2. The materials can be recycled for repeated uses. So it has a cost advantage.
3. The service life can be as long as 50 years. The wall and roof have excellent heat insulation and moisture proof performance, saving a lot of energy.
4. The steel structure is widely used in the framing of single-floor plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, office buildings, parks, family houses and so on.

1.Roof ridge
2. Knee-brace
3. Purlin supporting system
4.Self-tapping screw
5. Sunlight panel
6. Rivets
7. wall wrapping cover
8.Comer wrapping cover
9. Roof purlin
10.wall beam
11. Crane
12.Wall piller
13.Transverse supporting system
14. Gutter’s wrapping cover
15. wall purlin
16. comer column
17. wall purlin
18.vertical supporting system
19.Crane beam
20. Crane
21.Rolling shutter door
22. Awning
24. Rainspout
25. Steel structure stairs
26. wall panel
27. insulated material
28. Wrapping cover
29. Roofling panel
30. Ventilation device
31. Steelbar
32. Hg334 corrugated single steel plate (1.00mm)
33. H type steel frame base
34. Concrete slab
35. Floor dock board
36. 13020 screws
Supply and Specification
Supply 1. We can supply all kinds of steel structures, steel framed buildings, steel metal buildings, prefab modular houses, steel framed warehouses, steel framed workshops, steel framed garages, as well as other beams and welded parts.
2. We can also develop and manufacture new parts according to customers’ drawings and detailed dimensions.
Specification 1. Size: MOQ is 200 square meters , width× eave height×length , roof slope
2. Type: single-slope, double-slope, single-span, double-span, multi-span, single floor, double-floor
3. Foundation: cement and steel foundation screw
4. Column and beam: steel Q345 (S355JR) or Q235 (S235JR), bolt connection for straight or tapered cross-section
5. Support : x-shaped, v-shaped or other types of angular or round tubes
6. C or Z purlin: C120-C320, Z100-Z200
7. Roof and wall panel: thick single color corrugated steel (0.326-0.8 mm, 1150mm wide), or EPS sandwich panel, rockwool sandwich panel, polyurethane sandwich panel, with an insulation thickness of about 50 mm-100 mm
8. Accessories: translucent skylight belt, ventilator, down pipe, galvanized gutter, etc.
9. Surface: anti-rust painting
10. Delivery: main steel frame in 40’OT container, roof and wall panel in 40’HQ container

Design Parameters
If you need tailor-made designs, please provide the following parameters together with detailed sizes to us:
1. live load on the roof (KN/sqm)
2. wind speed (km/h)
3. snow load (kg/m2)
4. earthquake load
5. window size and door size
6. crane (if any), crane span, lifting height, the maximum capacity, maximum pressure and minimum pressure

Span of steel frame
1. Bottom of steel column
2.steel column
3. connection beam and column
4. steel beam
5. connection beam and beam
6. steel beam
7. connection beam and beam
8. clearance height
Span of steel frame
1.Bottom of steel column
2.steel column
3. Bracket for cane beam
4. connection of crane beam and bracket
5. crane beam
6. connection beam and column
7.steel beam
8.connection beam and beam
9. steel beam
10.connection beam and beam
11.clearance height
12. height
13.span of steel frame
1.Connection beam and column
2. Bottom of steel column
3. length of between column
4. beam for mezzanine
5. column for mezzanine
6. steel beam
7. clearance height of first floor
8. height of ground floor 9. steel column

Purchasing Guide
If you are interested in our products, please send us the following information:
1. Dimensions: length, width, height, eave height, roof slope and so on.
2. Doors and windows: size, quantity, location.
3. Local weather: wind, snow load, earthquake magnitude and so on.
4. Insulation material: sandwich panel or steel plate.
5. Crane beam: if you need to install crane beam on steel structure, please provide specific parameters.
6. Please advise if there is any material planned in the structure but not allowed to be exported to your country.
7. If you have some other needs, like for a fire-proof and heat-insulated roof, please let us know.
8. If you have your own drawings or pictures, welcome to send them to us.

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