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Steel Framed Barn

Application Case

  • Banana farm general storage unit
  • Banana pack storage
  • Material storage
  • Pack house and cold storage unit
  • Prefabricated steel goods warehouse
  • Prefabricated steel materials storage
  • Prefabricated steel structure storage items
  • Seed and fertilizer storage shed
  • Steel goods storage
  • Steel materials storage building
  • Storage and cold room
  • Storage shed
  • Storage shed


The steel framed barn is a metal warehouse for the storage of farm supplies, animals or equipment.

The farm storage building is the most common architecture in traditional agriculture. Long-term use of metal farm building can help to maintain a productive working environment. It has an economical and durable structure, providing large enough storage space. The design is in accordance with specific requirements. The customization is based on your storage needs, providing you with an exclusive space for farm running.

Whether the steel framed barn is used as animal feed storage space, or somewhere for short-term or long-term storage of crops, our product will surely be a low-cost and multi-purpose choice.

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