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Steel Framed Agricultural Building

    1. Steel Framed Stable

      The span can either be single or multiple type. Without intermediate columns, the maximum span can be at a distance of 36 meters. This prefab horse barn has the advantage of being economical, and easy for quick construction.

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    1. Steel Framed Dairy BuildingNow with social development, the healthy and green food without additives has become people’s new favorite. The eco-friendly steel structure cowshed can prevent dairy and beef products from contamination and increase productivity.
    1. Steel Framed Storage BuildingOur steel framed storage building provides farmers with sufficient space to effectively utilize and manipulate the devices. To enjoy an additional storage space, owning a metal barn or metal storage building is necessary.
    1. Steel Framed BarnThe farm storage building is the most common architecture in traditional agriculture. Long-term use of metal farm building can help to maintain a productive working environment. It has an economical and durable structure, providing large enough storage space.
    1. Steel Framed Livestock BuildingBecause our structural steel is lightweight and easy to handle, it costs less and ask for fewer people to finish the transport. It can be quickly assembled into steel frame by anyone. No special tool is needed except for the rivet gun.

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