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Steel Framed Commercial Building

    1. Steel Framed Office

      The steel framed office appears more fashionable and stylish than common cement office buildings. The service life is 25 to 50 years. Customization is available for an exclusive style.

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    1. Steel Framed SupermarketLow-cost construction, greater profit margin. (Quick assembly involving less use of machines, saving time, labor costs and transport costs, particularly compared with conventional architecture.)
      Stylish and unique, diversed color choices.
    1. Steel Framed CinemaWe are glad to build a unique, personalized steel framed cinema for you. Steel beam, steel column, crane beam, purlin, bracing, wall, roof, these are the basic components of prefabricated steel cinema. The installation is done with bolt connection, which is quick and easy.
    1. Steel Framed Country HouseThe steel framed country house refers to the light steel villa. As the name suggests, light steel structure is characterized by light weight. Its weight per unit area is only about 1/4 of the weight of brick and concrete structure in the same size. So the light steel villa is suitable for most geological conditions ....
    1. Steel Framed Sports BuildingOur steel framed sports building adopts an energy efficient design. It takes the top insulation and building materials, which are the most energy efficient kinds on the construction market. The steel structure building will not be affected by strong sunlight or extreme cold weather.
    1. Steel Framed StadiumThe steel framed stadium is a place for indoor sports games and physical trainings. The stadium comes in a lot of categories. By the using purpose, it can be divided into competition stadium and training stadium. By sports, it can be divided into basketball stadium, hockey stadium, track and field stadium, etc.
    1. Steel Framed Residential BuildingIn modern society, people increasingly tend to build light steel frame houses. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good rigidity, and strong deformation capacity. So it is especially suitable for the construction of large-span, super-high-rise, and super-heavy buildings.

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