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Structural Steel

    1. C SectionThe C section is a cold formed structural steel. As a construction material, it is thin, lightweight, and has high strength. Compared with the traditional steels of equal strength, the C-shaped profile steel saves materials by 30%.
    1. H SectionThe H section is a cost-efficient steel section bar that has optimized cross-section area allocation and rationalized strength-to-weight ratio. The H-beam evolves from the I-beam to be an economical structural steel with better mechanical properties.
    1. Z SectionThe Z section, also known as Z-beam or Z profile steel, is common thin-walled cold-formed steel. The thickness is between 1.6-3.0mm, while the section height is mostly between 120-350mm. The processing includes hot-rolling (painting) and galvanizing, in line with the standard of GB50018-2002.
    1. Square Steel TubeThe square steel tube is a name for square pipe, which refers to the structural steel tube with equal side length. It is a thin-walled hollow square cross-section light pipe, also known as steel cold-formed profiles. The steel pipe takes the Q235 hot rolled or cold-rolled steel strip or coil as the base material.
    1. I beamThe ordinary hot-rolled I beam is also known as the steel girder. The shape of cross section resembles a horizontal letter H. The dimension of the cross section is indicated by beam height (h) × web thickness (d) in millimeters.
    1. Steel Decking SheetThe steel decking sheet refers to the corrugated steel sheet. It serves not only as a permanent formwork for concrete floor, but also as a load-bearing bar at the bottom of the floor that also participates in the stress calculation. Together with the concrete, the steel floor decking sheet can be regarded as a composite floor deck.
    1. Round Steel TubeUsually, the steel pipes can be classified according to the cross-section shape-round, square, rectangular and others. According to processing method, they come into seamless series or welded series. The seamless series can be further divided into hot-rolled steel pipe and cold-rolled steel pipe.
Color Chart of Paint
  • Cream White
  • Pale Yellow
  • Emerald Green
  • Silver Grey
  • Grey White
  • Cream Yellow
  • Medium Green
  • Pale Grey
  • Orange Red
  • Medium Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Light Grey
  • Bright Red
  • Dark Yellow
  • Isuzu Blue
  • Medium Grey
  • Red Oxide
  • Bright Blue
  • Medium Blue

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