Metal Products

    1. Steel PoleOur steel pole is made by bending, forming, automatic welding, hot dip galvanizing and powder coating. We have an advanced production line, which is flat-pressing machine, shearing machine, bending machines, welding machine, and powder coating system.
    1. Transmission TowerOur products include various steel frames and large steel structures, such as angle steel tower, combined steel tower, flare tower, monopole tower, microwave tower, steel pole, steel framework, etc. These towers are widely used in electricity project, communication project, radio and television project ...
    1. Elevator ShaftOur elevator shaft is made of steel or aluminum, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. There are also several cladding options for you to choose from. So, our lift shaft is able to fit in with any environment style.
    1. Billboard FrameEvery advertisement frame is designed by our experts to ensure the safety and compliance with different local requirements. During the whole production process, we conduct strict quality control on the ad frames.
    1. Steel TrussOur steel truss is a popular steel framework in local markets throughout China, and has been exported to Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America and other places.
    1. Steel StructureThe steel framework shows good homogeneous and isotropic properties. It is an ideal elastomer, which best meets the basic assumption of general engineering mechanics. With excellent ductility and toughness, it can achieve a large deformation and can well withstand dynamic loads.
    1. Alloy ScaffoldingThe galvanized scaffolding is a multi-functional alloy scaffolding, which is more flexible than gantry scaffolding. It provides access for most maintenance, cleaning and decoration works especially to complicated structures at great heights.
    1. Vehicle LiftThe vehicle lift is the most important device in professional automobile stores or garages. It lifts cars to different heights for easy maintenance and services. For car repair shops, oil stations, car dealers and car rental companies, it is necessary to have such a reliable car lifting equipment to better serve customers.
    1. Electric Vehicle Charging Station FrameOur products include various steel platform frames and large steel structures, such as angle frame, connection frame, stair frame, stacking frame, etc. They are widely used in industrial, agricultural and commercial constructions.
    1. Steel FrameShengbang specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of steel frameworks. We can provide a variety of products including base frame and large steel structures, such as the machine frame, connecting frame, and stacking frames, which are widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial projects ...

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