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    1. Steel Framed Warehouse

      The steel framed warehouse refers to the warehouse that has steel frames as the main load-bearing components. The components include steel columns, steel beams, steel base, steel roof truss, and steel roof tile. The steel wall can be replaced by a brick wall.

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    1. Steel Framed WorkshopThe steel framed workshop takes H section, C section and Z section steels as the main frame. The roof and wall are made of corrugated color steel plate or color steel sandwich panel. This kind of modular workshop is the third generation construction.
    1. Steel Framed GarageThe steel framed garage is a guardian shield for cars, trucks and farm equipment against all weathers. There are many different sizes of steel structures for you to choose from. The common styles are barn roof garage, box garage, gable roof garage and vertical roof garage (gable roof and penthouse roof).
    1. Steel Framed Aircraft HangerIt is constituted by steel and galvanized steel. According to different requirements on the span, the size and parts can be customized. We can also follow different cost and function, choosing different steel plate or sandwich panel as the material for the wall and roof.
    1. Steel Framed Mezzanine FloorThe steel framed mezzanine floor is a steel framed divider floor used to store large products. Within the limited building space, it maximizes the space utilization to make space for stairs, elevators or delivery channels. It can be used to create new space or expand existing areas of offices, plants or warehouse.
    1. Steel Framed Stable

      The span can either be single or multiple type. Without intermediate columns, the maximum span can be at a distance of 36 meters. This prefab horse barn has the advantage of being economical, and easy for quick construction.

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    1. Steel Framed Dairy BuildingNow with social development, the healthy and green food without additives has become people’s new favorite. The eco-friendly steel structure cowshed can prevent dairy and beef products from contamination and increase productivity.
    1. Steel Framed Storage BuildingOur steel framed storage building provides farmers with sufficient space to effectively utilize and manipulate the devices. To enjoy an additional storage space, owning a metal barn or metal storage building is necessary.
    1. Steel Framed BarnThe farm storage building is the most common architecture in traditional agriculture. Long-term use of metal farm building can help to maintain a productive working environment. It has an economical and durable structure, providing large enough storage space.
    1. Steel Framed Livestock BuildingBecause our structural steel is lightweight and easy to handle, it costs less and ask for fewer people to finish the transport. It can be quickly assembled into steel frame by anyone. No special tool is needed except for the rivet gun.
    1. Steel Framed Office

      The steel framed office appears more fashionable and stylish than common cement office buildings. The service life is 25 to 50 years. Customization is available for an exclusive style.

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    1. Steel Framed SupermarketLow-cost construction, greater profit margin. (Quick assembly involving less use of machines, saving time, labor costs and transport costs, particularly compared with conventional architecture.)
      Stylish and unique, diversed color choices.
    1. Steel Framed CinemaWe are glad to build a unique, personalized steel framed cinema for you. Steel beam, steel column, crane beam, purlin, bracing, wall, roof, these are the basic components of prefabricated steel cinema. The installation is done with bolt connection, which is quick and easy.
    1. Steel Framed Country HouseThe steel framed country house refers to the light steel villa. As the name suggests, light steel structure is characterized by light weight. Its weight per unit area is only about 1/4 of the weight of brick and concrete structure in the same size. So the light steel villa is suitable for most geological conditions, and the foundation construction is quite simple.
    1. Steel Framed Sports BuildingOur steel framed sports building adopts an energy efficient design. It takes the top insulation and building materials, which are the most energy efficient kinds on the construction market. The steel structure building will not be affected by strong sunlight or extreme cold weather.
    1. Steel Framed StadiumThe steel framed stadium is a place for indoor sports games and physical trainings. The stadium comes in a lot of categories. By the using purpose, it can be divided into competition stadium and training stadium. By sports, it can be divided into basketball stadium, hockey stadium, track and field stadium, etc.
    1. Steel Framed Residential BuildingIn modern society, people increasingly tend to build light steel frame houses. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good rigidity, and strong deformation capacity. So it is especially suitable for the construction of large-span, super-high-rise, and super-heavy buildings.
    1. Shipping Container House

      The shipping container house keeps the standard size of shipping container, so it is easy for lifting and transport. In respect of usage and maintenance, it is easy and convenient to build without foundation. The house can be moved as a whole, so that it saves the costs of repeated assembling and disassembling.

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    1. Luxury Container HomeEasy to transport and assemble, modular housing with structural insolated panels.
      High-density insulation layer, excellent thermal insulation effect.
      Stable steel structure.
    1. Container House with Sandwich Panel

      The container house with sandwich panel is widely used in many construction areas. The size of it is in line with the international container standards. The structure design and connection details all facilitate the hoisting, transportation, fast assembling and repeated use.

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    1. Steel Framed Container House

      The wall is filled with fiberglass insulation, thus the steel framed container house has good heat insulation and sound insulation performance. Many materials can be chosen to make the wall, to make different appearances.

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    1. Steel PoleOur steel pole is made by bending, forming, automatic welding, hot dip galvanizing and powder coating. We have an advanced production line, which is flat-pressing machine, shearing machine, bending machines, welding machine, and powder coating system.
    1. Transmission TowerOur products include various steel frames and large steel structures, such as angle steel tower, combined steel tower, flare tower, monopole tower, microwave tower, steel pole, steel framework, etc. These towers are widely used in electricity project, communication project, radio and television project ...
    1. Elevator ShaftOur elevator shaft is made of steel or aluminum, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. There are also several cladding options for you to choose from. So, our lift shaft is able to fit in with any environment style.
    1. Billboard FrameEvery advertisement frame is designed by our experts to ensure the safety and compliance with different local requirements. During the whole production process, we conduct strict quality control on the ad frames.
    1. Steel TrussOur steel truss is a popular steel framework in local markets throughout China, and has been exported to Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America and other places.
    1. Steel StructureThe steel framework shows good homogeneous and isotropic properties. It is an ideal elastomer, which best meets the basic assumption of general engineering mechanics. With excellent ductility and toughness, it can achieve a large deformation and can well withstand dynamic loads.
    1. Alloy ScaffoldingThe galvanized scaffolding is a multi-functional alloy scaffolding, which is more flexible than gantry scaffolding. It provides access for most maintenance, cleaning and decoration works especially to complicated structures at great heights.
    1. Vehicle LiftThe vehicle lift is the most important device in professional automobile stores or garages. It lifts cars to different heights for easy maintenance and services. For car repair shops, oil stations, car dealers and car rental companies, it is necessary to have such a reliable car lifting equipment to better serve customers.
    1. Electric Vehicle Charging Station FrameOur products include various steel platform frames and large steel structures, such as angle frame, connection frame, stair frame, stacking frame, etc. They are widely used in industrial, agricultural and commercial constructions.
    1. Steel FrameShengbang specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of steel frameworks. We can provide a variety of products including base frame and large steel structures, such as the machine frame, connecting frame, and stacking frames, which are widely used in industrial, agricultural ...
    1. C SectionThe C section is a cold formed structural steel. As a construction material, it is thin, lightweight, and has high strength. Compared with the traditional steels of equal strength, the C-shaped profile steel saves materials by 30%.
    1. H SectionThe H section is a cost-efficient steel section bar that has optimized cross-section area allocation and rationalized strength-to-weight ratio. The H-beam evolves from the I-beam to be an economical structural steel with better mechanical properties.
    1. Z SectionThe Z section, also known as Z-beam or Z profile steel, is common thin-walled cold-formed steel. The thickness is between 1.6-3.0mm, while the section height is mostly between 120-350mm. The processing includes hot-rolling (painting) and galvanizing, in line with the standard of GB50018-2002.
    1. Square Steel TubeThe square steel tube is a name for square pipe, which refers to the structural steel tube with equal side length. It is a thin-walled hollow square cross-section light pipe, also known as steel cold-formed profiles. The steel pipe takes the Q235 hot rolled or cold-rolled steel strip or coil as the base material.
    1. I beamThe ordinary hot-rolled I beam is also known as the steel girder. The shape of cross section resembles a horizontal letter H. The dimension of the cross section is indicated by beam height (h) × web thickness (d) in millimeters.
    1. Steel Decking SheetThe steel decking sheet refers to the corrugated steel sheet. It serves not only as a permanent formwork for concrete floor, but also as a load-bearing bar at the bottom of the floor that also participates in the stress calculation. Together with the concrete, the steel floor decking sheet can be regarded as a composite floor deck.
    1. Round Steel TubeUsually, the steel pipes can be classified according to the cross-section shape-round, square, rectangular and others. According to processing method, they come into seamless series or welded series. The seamless series can be further divided into hot-rolled steel pipe and cold-rolled steel pipe.
    1. EPS Sandwich PanelThe weight per square meter is only 10-12 kg. The panel shows excellent heat insulation performance, with a thermal conductivity of λ=0.032 KW/m.h.℃.
      With every detail enhanced, our superb workmanship endows our panel with the best performance.
    1. Fiberglass InsulationWhether under conditions of high temperature or low temperature, the fiberglass keeps good thermal insulation properties.
      The product is fire-retardant, and does not produce harmful gases. It is identified as the legal non-combustible material worldwide.
    1. Coated Steel PlateThe plate has high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance. The coating is very decorative.
      The coated steel plate is sound in structure. With every detail enhanced, our panel shows the best overall performance.
    1. Polyurethane Sandwich PanelWhen used in low temperature environment, the PU sandwich panel shows slight shrinkage and no tendency of embrittlement. Therefore, it is the ideal thermal insulation material for cryogenic projects. The polyurethane sandwich panel also has the advantages of being of non-toxic, non-corrosive ...
    1. Rockwool Sandwich PanelOur rockwool sandwich panel is made of fine materials and with advanced technologies. It can withstand fires above 1000℃. It has passed the test that was carried out by the national professional organization, with the A fireproofing grade. This fireproof panel is completely incombustible.
    1. PVC Water Pipe for Steel Framed BuildingThe PVC water pipe is formed by hot extrusion approach. The raw material is PVC resin, and the process is supported by stabilizers and lubricants. It is the earliest plastic pipe that has ever been developed and used.
    1. Hexagon Bolt for Steel Framed BuildingThe hexagon bolt is a standard part, also called hex bolt, hex cap screw, hex head cap screw, etc. In construction, it is subject to the initial tightening and final tightening. This threaded fastener is generally used for permanent connection.
    1. Galvanized Bolt for Steel Framed BuildingThe galvanized bolt is a fastening piece that consists of the cap and the screw (a cylinder that has external thread). In applications, it requires the presence of a nut. The galvanized fastener is used to connect two parts that share through-holes.
    1. Turnbuckle for Steel Framed BuildingThe turnbuckle, also known as stretching screw or bottlescrew, is a rope tensioner with retractable bolts. It is used to tie the delivered parts in the transport, and also used for correcting tightness during installation. It has an eye bolt and a hook bolt, one with left-hand thread and the other with right-hand thread.
    1. Stud for Steel Framed BuildingThe stud is also known as shear stud, weld stud, or shear connector. It is suitable for the penetration welding between steel beam and steel deck. The basic specifications are ¢ 13, ¢ 16, ¢ 19, ¢ 22, and ¢ 25. Special specifications are also available.
    1. Reinforced Hexagon Bolt for Steel Framed BuildingThe reinforced hexagon bolt is a shear bolt with improved high strength. In construction, it is subject to the initial tightening and final tightening. It is a standard part that is generally used for permanent connection.
    1. Expansion Bolt for Steel Framed BuildingThe expansion bolt is also known as expansion anchor or wedge anchor. The working principle of it is to take advantage of the wedge slope to promote expansion and generate frictional bond strength, thus achieving the fixing effect.
    1. Wind Driven Roof Vent for Steel Framed BuildingThe wind driven roof vent is also known as roof ventilator or wind turbine ventilator. It is a ventilation device mounted on both sides of the roof ridge. The air vent can achieve a 24-hour air circulation without electricity, supplying the indoor environment with sufficient outdoor fresh air.
    1. Anchor Bolt for Steel Framed BuildingThe anchor bolts, or ground anchor, is an embedded part buried in concrete foundation for fixing all kinds of machines and devices. Generally, it is made of Q235 steel, and some types with higher strength are made of Q345B or 16Mn materials. Occasionally, it may also be made of II-grade or III-grade rebar.
    1. Self-Tapping Screw for Steel Framed BuildingA self-tapping screw is a threaded fastener that can tap its own hole in metal or non-metallic material as it is driven into it. It has high tensile strength, and is characterized by the single-piece, single-edge combination.